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Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is one of the most important investments a business owner can make. The right coverage is critical to your success and can mean the difference between closing your doors and keeping your company afloat in more challenging times. We understand that no two businesses are alike. Our experts will find the best solutions to keep you safe and safely protected in the event of the unfortunate and unforeseeable. Our insurance coverage options provide you with valuable protection against theft, property damage and liability, not to mention everything else that’s in the fine print. Don’t put your company at risk. Speak with our brokers today and learn how you can better protect your valued business assets.

Marine-air Transit




Whether you're carrying cargo to the other side of the globe or a boatload of sightseers on a sunset cruise, marine and air transport insurance is essential.

If terms like FOB, CIF, General Average, Bill of Lading, leave you wondering, call our experts and they will adapt our policies to your needs.






The agri-food industry is our breadbasket. However, when things go wrong, your business hits the headlines and your future is on the line. Our custom policies provide protection against the usual losses of fire, theft, water damage and cover industry-specific risks such as contamination, infestation, product recalls, machinery breakdowns and product liability and environmental impact liability.

Commerce and Distribution


In an ever-changing retail environment, insurance has become more important than ever. From supply chain disruptions to logistics  issues, department stores, supermarkets, multi-national chains and local boutiques are all faced with similar challenges. So whether you're a retailer or wholesaler, we've got a custom insurance policy that's tailored to your reality.



Unlike property insurance that protects a property once it's occupied, builder's risk insurance, protects the special requirements of a developing structure, materials, engineering fees, soft costs, commercial general liability, wrap around and more. Put our specialty insurance products in place as a cornerstone to your success.  




A misplaced USB key and not to mention a loss or theft of a laptop in the hands of a cyber criminal can have catastrophic consequences. 

Every system upgrade, every remote device, every incoming email can mean a new risk to your data.  Although, you have taken all the precautions; fire walls, passwords, restrictions and limitations, the sophistication of criminals is exponential.

Whether you run your own network or run on a Cloud system, you are ultimately responsible for the security of your clients’ personal information.

An attack on your systems can come from anywhere in the world. Let’s work together with our expert partners to put the right program in place for you.

Manufacturing and Industrial


Our economy hinges on manufacturing and industrial sectors. However, fluctuating currency rates, ever-increasing prices for materials and energy, along with relentless pressure from global competitors means you've got challenges coming at you from all directions. Fortunately, our specialty insurance products cover you for everything from product recalls, contingency business interruptions machinery breakdowns, accounts receivable and more.

Corporate Governance and Management

Running a business is a constant challenge of competiton and demand to innovate. In addition, our modern society has placed unavoidable burdens in terms of governance and management of a business. Directors, officers and managers, whether for profit or non profit, corporations must be good corporate citizens and act within a minimum set of guidelines:

a) Duty of care: to act reasonably, in good faith in the best interests of the company.

b) Duty of loyalty: to put the interests of the company in front of you

c) Duty of obedience: to act within the possibilities of the company/organization, respecting the rules and applicable laws.

Gestion & gouvernance

Call us to learn more about management insurance such as:

-Directors and Officers Liability

-Employment Practices

-Fiduciary Liability 


-Kidnap and Ransom

Real Estate

real estate


The real estate market is a potential gold mine for agents and investors. However, there are many risks and pitfalls that can cost you a lot of money. Whether you are a realtor, a current or prospective owner of a commercial property, our specialized insurance products will cover you not only for fire, theft, water damage, but also for management responsibility, environmental and criminal damage.

Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics


We rely on pharmaceuticals to keep us in good health, although the development of these life-saving drugs is inherently risky.

Chemical and biological substances used in life sciences must meet the highest standards of purity and safety. However, the processes and materials used in making these products aren’t inherently pure and safe.

Experiments in the lab or in clinical trials can have unintended consequences, which can also be true for cosmetic applications and surgery. Part of a company’s preventative medicine, should be a good insurance and risk management plan that addresses all the special requirements and exposures. We will work with you to develop a custom made plan to address all your insurance requirements.

Professionals (Engineers, Legal Firms, Accounting Firms, etc.)


Your clients make important decisions based on your expertise. But there's no guarantee of success. Our custom coverage means a disatisfied customer won't derail your life or your business. A targeted professional liabitlity insurance policy will prevent you from bearing the full cost of defending yourself against claims of negligence and the potential damages awarded in a civil lawsuit.

Restaurant Insurance



When running a restaurant or a small bed and breakfast, it takes everything you've got to keep your diners satisfied and your business in the black, but anything can happen from freezer breakdowns to total kitchen meltdowns, our insurance products have got you covered. Speak to us about property and liablity insurance, as well as coverage for theft and workers' compensation.

Health Care - Professional and Medical Liability

Health care practitioners are the first line of defense in an emergency. Unfortunately, situations don’t always work out for the best. In an age where people are quick to sue; a patient accident, injury, or allegation that

healthyou have not performed professional services as intended can escalate into a claim costing thousands of dollars in legal fees, even if you aren’t at fault. That’s where medical liability coverage is essential.  Let us guide you. Professional (Errors and Omissions) and Medical Liability Insurance cover the cost of legal fees to defend you and judgments or settlements as a result of claims and lawsuits against you.




When a computer freezes, the IT guy is a lifesaver, but when a technology-related disaster interrupts business, it's the IT provider that's on the line. Our custom policies protect you in case of network security breaches, hard disk failure, software performance issues and programming errors and omissions, among other problems you'd rather avoid. Risk is the price you pay for keeping up with technology. Our custom insurance policies have got you covered. 



Let’s face it. We’re all constantly connected to our digital devices. From a service provider’s perspective, a system failure isn’t just a temporary inconvenience, it’s a catastrophe. Our custom telecommunication policies cover everything from liability to transmitters, data centres and cellular towers. In an ever-evolving world, we’re innovating right along with you. To learn more about our telecommunications insurance offerings, contact one of our brokers today.

Transportation / Fleet


Whether you operate a single truck or an entire fleet of delivery vehicles, we've got a custom coverage plan that perfectly suits your needs. Accidents are innevitable and the right transportation insurance policy means your business, goods in transit, your vehicles and your employees are properly covered.