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As a basic, we’ve all got – or at least should have – home, auto and business insurance. Specialty insurance protects businesses and individuals against financial loss by providing products that fit your specific industry and your unique requirements.

Jewelers Block Insurance



Specifically designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and retail jewelers, our custom coverage can protect unique pieces, as well as entire collections of inventory, including gold, silver, platinum, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones.

Furriers Block Insurance



Fur is the original garment, there is nothing like it. At HBMC, we have been providing furriers block insurance for over half a century. Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, processor or a storage facility, we have the expertise to provide the right coverage.  Don’t take chances, just as there is no substitute for natural fur, there is no substitute for the right insurance for your business.

Unoccupied / Vacant

Did you know your standard homeowner policy doesn’t cover your property during extended absences? So don’t take any chances and speak with our brokers if you’re planning to be away from home.empty

Homes under construction/renovations

home construction


Renovating an outdated kitchen? Building the home of your dreams? Your first thought probably isn’t talking to your broker about an additional insurance rider. Did you know that unless you’ve got a custom policy in place, your house isn’t covered under your existing homeowner’s insurance policy during construction? It doesn’t even matter if you’re tackling a DIY (Do it yourself) project or if you hire a professional contractor.

International risks


Tackling the international market is a thrill. And while far-reaching opportunities are closer than ever, so are the inherent political and financial risks. Expand your global reach with confidence.

In collaboration with our intentional partners, we have elaborate seamless coverage that responds to your needs locally and internationally. Our custom packages include everything from trade credit insurance, to contingent business interruption, marine cargo insurance, pollution coverage where mandated by law, terrorism, workers compensation and many other indispensable coverages. Talk to us, to learn more.